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A different type of Blog Hop - About Me and my Art

Hi there,

I was ask from Olga Heldwein  to join in a fun (different) type of blog hop. 
Olga is a lovely friend and I have known her at the DT of Ingvild Bolme as a a very friendly and funny polish girl. She has a beautiful unique style and here project are always beautiful in a artsy shabby chic way. Since then we did different projects together, for instance at the Pop & Colours series and at the OUAS DT. I love her projects and feel inspired at every time I see her creations.

Here is how the blog hop goes.
I will post next Monday (the 18th August) 3 other very talented bloggers, they will post the FOLLOWING week and answer some interesting questions about their creative live and style.

I will answer the questions right now. Here are my answers:

1. What am I working on right now. 
I´m working on projects for two different big adventures. I´m very exciting about it but I can´t talk about these right now. It´s difficult to get it secret but as soon as I can announce it I will you tell everything ;-)
But I can talk about some projects I´m working on right now. I´m stitching. Yes, I´m stitching something and no paper is involved. :-) This is interesting and makes a lot of fun but I think this type of project is an exception.
Also I´m preparing a class to create a mixed media Minialbum/Art Journal. This is really fun because I prepare it without rules (without pretending) . This will be a class in my style, authentique in every way.
And I´m sketching and drawing in my art journal. Some of you know that I´m designing stamps for Whiff of Joy. At this time a have a little forced break but I love to draw and so goes everything in my art journal. ;-)

2. How long does it take to create a project. 
It depends of the type of project. A mixed media canvas takes me 3 days. But I´m not working on it at every time. You know it needs a drying time and time to think about and feel it. 
I´m not a patient person and I hate to leave projects incomplete. ;-) So I try to finished my projects as soon as possible.
As I started scrapbooking seriously in 2011 I was so addicted and I was inspired by different types of scraopbooking and created very different projects. Sometimes chatotic, sometimes classic but always with mixed media and paint. I think it took me a year to find my style, to figure out what I love. 
In 2012 as I discovered Gelatos from Faber Castell I created my layouts very quick. In a period of 4 month I created over 70 layouts.
But now I only scrap selected photos. I love to tell a little story and I always create with my phantasy. I take more time and I have a higher claim.

3. What are my fave things I love to create with at the moment 
I always love to create with paper and paint and I always alternate the type of project. After I made a canvas I love to create a minialbum or home decoration. But always I use different paper, acrylic paint, gesso and my Neocolor II. I love to work with book pages. It´s so interesting to change the style of a project with a book page. If I use an old vintage book page (with old type of letters, with grungy and dirty blobs,...) my projects becomes a vintage touch. If I use a white page with normal letters it becomes a modern and intellectual touch.

4. How do I become inspired and stay inspired. 
I have always ideas in my head and the ideas develop themselves through things I read, I feel and see. I love to experiment with all kind of supplies and thereby arise again new approaches. I love to rummage at Pinterest. Pinterest is truly a firework of inspiration for me.

6. What is my signature style. 
My style is a combination of a dirty shabby chic with modern elements. The shabby chic touch is not necessarily intentional, its arises from the love to soft and friendly colors. I always use a lot of white in my projects. ;-)

Thank you Olga for the invitation. It was a pleasure for me to answer the questions.
And thank you girls for visiting me today and for reading this long post ;-)  Next week I will post my three other blogger friends and I will post some sneaks of my projects I´m working on right now. So stay tuned!

Big Hugs to all of you and enjoy the summer!

PS: Thanks a lot for all comments here on my blog. I read every comment and I´m so thankful for your lovely words at every time. It gives me the courage to continue. Saddly I can´t answer your comments here because I´m only at the PC to prepare the blog posts and  it is too cumbersome for me to do more. Sorry!!! BUT I´m easily accessible on FB and IG with my mobile. So I´m in a position to answer and comment on these social media platforms if you want to ask something or talk with me. ;-) Thank You!

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  1. thank you for sharing about yourself Stephanie. Sure is nice to know you better!